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Services Offered

Ashiatsu Foot Massage


Ashiatsu massage is a form of deep compression massage done with the feet! The therapist, with the aid of bars suspended from the ceiling for support, uses the soles of the feet as well as the heels to glide along the client in long strokes. Because the therapist is standing directly over the client, she can use her full body weight when performing the massage. This gives the possibility of an incredibly deep and therapeutic treatment with very even pressure. Because the foot is so wide, the sensation is not pointed or painful, as can be the case with traditional deep tissue work. The pressure can be adjusted to very light, or very deep, depending on the client's preference.


Ashiatsu massage is incredibly relaxing, totally unique, and perfect for those who want a deep, therapeutic massage experience.

Trauma Touch Therapy™


Kristina is the first practitioner in Quebec to be certified as a Trauma Touch Therapist™. Developed in Colorado, this unique modality is the perfect compliment to traditional psychological care. Trauma, no matter the degree, is held in the body. In order to fully heal and let go, the body must be addressed just as much as the mind. Using touch, breath, movement, and play, this therapy aims to reconnect the client with their own body and work the through the dissociative numbing that is a common coping mechanism. The work is done with the client clothed, and can be done in a chair, on a table, or whatever position is most comfortable for the client. Trauma Touch Therapy™ is the missing piece in mental health and well being.


It is highly recommended to read this article by Karen Mowen as it offers an excellent overview of this innovative approach to healing.


Kinetic Swedish massage®


When people think of massage, the style practiced in Swedish massage is what typically comes to mind. While Swedish massage aims to relax the entire body, Kinetic Swedish massage® aims to take that goal one step further by considering the human body in motion.


Kinetic Swedish massage® is an approach done on the table where the therapist's hands come in direct contact with the skin of the client, along with the use of a medium such as oil or gel. During the massage, only the segment of the body being worked is uncovered, otherwise, the client is under a sheet.


Treatment goals can either be geared toward relaxation, or therapeutic intervention, the choice being entirely at the discretion of the client.

Artist Services


​Having spent over a decade working as a professional circus artist, Kristina is particularly well versed in the needs of artists, especially those whose craft takes a heavy toll on their bodies. Having intimate knowledge of the realities of the life of a circus artist, both on tour and between contracts, as well as an understanding of the different disciplines and the unique strains of each on the body, Kristina looks forward to serving the needs of the circus community.


Kristina also recognizes the real need for massage by dancers, actors, and musicians. As such, professional artists seeking treatment are eligible for the Professional Artist Rate. Please feel free to contact us regarding this service.


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