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"The work that I've done with Kristina and Trauma Touch Therapy has profoundly changed my life. Feeling into my body with Kristina's help not only uncovered beautiful insights, wells of emotion, and some areas that still need a lot of work (all in their own time), but it also has given me a valuable lesson in relating to my own body with gentleness, acceptance, and love. The potential for feeling and healing with Trauma Touch Therapy is paramount, and I highly recommend at least trying it with Kristina - you need to put in some effort to guide your own healing and to clearly and honestly express your needs, but the results and discoveries are well worth the adventuring. Thank you, Kristina!" - Zaye, musician

"My first session with Kristina changed my entire point of view on massotherapy. She was courteous, professional, and polite. Kristina is incredibly knowledgable and quickly adjusts her technique to suit your comfort. I cannot recommend her enough." - Josh M. Elkin, Teacher


"As a circus artist my body is under large amounts of stress and strain on a daily basis and it is often difficult to find someone who understands this. Kristina is both talented and professional and knows what areas of my body are under strain and need work even better than my own body does. Kristina really takes the time to treat me as an individual and understand my physicality and after a session I can really notice the difference in how I feel as well as my range of movement. Being treated by Kristina is the best experience I have had with a massage and would highly recommend her to anyone." - Kirby Meyers, Aerialist, Cirque Éloize


"I've known Kristina since we started training at the National Circus School together in 2003. An artist with great physical strength and emotional sensitivity, these same qualities now make Kristina an excellent massage therapist.


Kristina is able to give firm pressure in working with athlete's bodies, and is finely tuned to the needs of circus artists with their unique flexibility and muscle loads. Her massage work is both sure and patient, and her care for her clients' physical and emotional well-being is always evident.


I'm so happy to be one of Kristina's clients! Her body work has helped me through difficult show creations and eased tensions arising from job- and life-related stress." - Tanya Burka Aerial Artist, Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize

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